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Revolutions Physical Therapy And Performance

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We help triathletes, runners, and cyclists recover from injury, return to training, and perform at their best

We Help People ...

Who are having pain with training and don't know what to do.

Who have had to stop swimming, biking, and running because of pain and want to get back to training as soon as possible. 

Who want to avoid using medications, injections and surgeries to treat their injuries

Who have already done physical therapy, injections, surgery without success and are wondering if there is hope. 

Who have been told that running is bad for your knees but don't want to stop.

Who were told by their doctor to stop running​​ but aren't willing to accept that.

Who want to be more comfortable on the bike without losing speed and power

Who want to get faster at swimming, biking, and running.

Who want to learn how to reduce injury risk and maintain their overall health while still training. 

Who want to get started doing triathlon but aren't sure to where to start and don't want to get injured in the process

Who we help
Find Your
Our first priority is to find out the source of your problem. It's almost always more than one thing and often involves more than just the pain you are having at the moment. It is important to start with a clear picture of your unique situation and your individual goals so we can get you back to performing at  your best.


Our Process

Reduce your
Once we get a clear picture from the evaluation we can create a treatment plan tailored to you that will be focused on first reducing any significant pain that you are having. Our goal is to keep you swimming, biking, and running if at all possible.
Improve Your Performance
Once your pain is under control and your back to training that is when we can really start to add some focused strength, speed, and endurance training to your current plan or if you don't have a plan we can help your create one so that you can reach your next PR!

Our Process

Our Team 

 Dr. Colbie Jorgensen

Physical Therapist


I am a physical therapist who loves to help people get back to the sports and activities they
love to do. I have chosen to focus my efforts on helping triathletes, runners, and cyclists as these are sports that I have the most consistent experience with. I have been doing Triathlon since 2006 and have recently been doing some longer cycling events 
I received a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Arcadia University and a Bachelor degree
in Exercise Science from the University of Utah.  Over the last 10 years I have studied
various manual therapy treatment styles and have experience working with a wide variety of
conditions. I recently became Clinical Excellence Certified through the Institute of Clinic
Excellence. I have found that if I take time to listen to people, focus on the basics,
and teach people how to help themselves - physical therapy can be pretty simple. Most
people don't need a bunch of fancy exercises or miracle treatments. They just need
someone to guide them in the right direction and provide skilled feedback and coaching
along the way.

Meet The Team
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